Pie Factory Exhibition Flyer

Pie Factory – Exhibition “Trace2018”

Pie Factory Exhibition Flyer
Pie Factory Exhibition Flyer

Jeremy Scott & Sarah Youseman

Pie Factory, 5 Broad Street, Margate, CT9 1EW

June 8 – 12 2018

10am – 4.30pm

Two emerging artists, having met at the Open College of the Arts, are collaborating to present a totally new body of work exploring ideas through painting and sculpture. Trace2018 challenges the veracity of 21st century information so Margate, as a developing force in contemporary art, is an ideal location for this upcoming show at The Pie Factory in June.

Jeremy Scott’s interests surround marks suggestive of the small histories that are often overwhelmed by grand narratives; foregrounding the micro against the macro, he takes the humble glove as a metaphor for common stories, presenting them in paint and installation. Gloves are made for perhaps the most expressive part of the body, at the same time both protecting and obscuring the truth. The main gallery will display a tumbling array of found gloves from many different places and people, mostly unknown, supported by large paintings and smaller scale prints.

Sarah Youseman examines the integrity of the information trail, focusing on small ruptures in electronic digital transmission that cause miscommunication. The viewer is asked to question the truth of what they are seeing on screen and to consider where random or human interference has corrupted the message. Glitched, distorted images are reclaimed into semi-abstract paintings where each trace of the brush is visible by human hand. The last room in the gallery depicts a disturbing self- portrait in film where the artist feels imprisoned by the inability to communicate.

Meet the artists Saturday 9 June 10am – 4.30pm


  1. Hi Sarah
    It’s Beverley from Emma’s online crit group. I hope your exhibition is going well. I am planning to come to it tomorrow so I hope to see you and Jeremy then. Will you be there all day?

  2. Visited the Pie Factory today to view the works of both these talented artists.
    Excellent exhibition, a lot of hard work has gone into this presentation, definitely try to visit this weekend if you get the chance.

  3. Well done Sarah. You got us all thinking at this unique event. Your work filled the venue very well from lighter zones to darker.
    Just watching the weather forecast on BBC iplayer with a bit of digital break-up of the graphics 🙂
    Thank you for inviting us.

  4. This was a thought provoking exhibition. The transformation from digital to abstract in the paintings managed a wonderful balance between technology and a meticulous fine painting technique and presented an arresting visual feast. I’d love to see some of the transitional work. The disturbing film at the end brought you back down to earth with a jolt. It goes without saying that despite the sentiment in the film, Sarah is a great communicator!

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